Social Media Marketing…

Hey there and welcome to the Noobs social media marketing digital landscape. Well everyone at this point has heard of social media and chances are you probably think you know about all there is to know about social media and all it has to offer right? Maybe a small segment of you out there really do know all there is to know plus a little bit more but for the rest of you please fasten your seat belts and prepare to have your mind blown just a little!

               Social media is the next “big thing” in online business opportunities and it is at a rather exciting stage of evolution right now because a lot of these social media giants have had enough time to pick up on the fact by now that businesses of any size can benefit through the power of “social media marketing” and they have sunk a lot of time and resources into tapping into this market with adding analytical integration and creating the ability to create campaigns and refining their placement technologies to allow us to literally drop a business’s add in the lap of an extremely niche market so they can not only blanket the universe with advertisements like pamphlets dropped from a passing air plane but they can hand deliver a single pamphlet right into the hand of a single customer standing in a crowd of 10,000 other customers! A bit impressive right?

               When it comes to social media marketing we have heaps of platforms to choose from and each platform has its own little “speciality” if you would, and depending on the business type you are advertising for and the desired outcome of your social media marketing there are a tonne of options when it comes to picking a platform to deliver your message, or more so there are a stack of different ways in which you can deliver your message to your desired customer!

               So what does all of this mean to you? It means that you have loads of options to build the perfect social media marketing strategy that in turn means more customers contacting you after seeing your advertisements on social media! More business for you!

               Social media is the modern equivalent of “word of mouth” and is sometimes referred to “e word of mouth” and as any business will guarantee, this is the ultimate form of advertising and always will be! Word of mouth creates bucket loads of trust and this is what confirms for a potential customer that they are in safe hands to part with their hard earned money, this is a given as much on social media platforms as it is in real time!

Mobile Phones!

The introduction of smart phones has exploded social media to amazing new heights! Over half the world’s population (FYI ->>>  7,484,325,476   <<<- population of earth in 2017) have a mobile phone and roughly 75% of them access social media platforms every single day! Mind blowing stats! The rapid rise of mobile phones and the internet access they use has been such a milestone in human history that they have actually influenced and shaped the world business sector and how businesses make sales and communicate with their customers! Mobile phones have been a HUGE influence on mankind’s evolution so make no mistake, life and business will never be the same since the introduction of the mobile smart phone and if you are a business owner this only means good things for you if you choose to embrace it!


When it comes to social media there are two strategies that you can roll with, passive and active.


The passive approach is a great way to gather customer’s views and opinions on your brand, services or products as well as letting your customers advertise on your behalf using their own positive feedback as extremely beneficial word of mouth advertising. Marketers find out information about a company, product, brand or service in the past by conducting surveys, data mining or conducting market research reports that are all relatively costly and time consuming however now marketers are turning to social media to gather real time information from customers who are actually using the products that can give them highly useful insights. This form of market research is extremely cheap to perform plus the data is instant cutting down time frames, this information can then be used by the manufacturer to come up with marketing campaigns and it can even shape a product or service on the advice given by consumers!


A lot of smart companies have come to realise that social media is much more than just a great place to get your customers advertising word of mouth for you, gathering product and marketing feedback and a platform to scatter your logo but it is also a perfect gateway to having a real time communication stream with their customers! Customer engagement is HUGE and it is a great way to answer customer’s questions, issues or concerns creating massive amounts of engagement which converts back to loyalty and increases your customer following. The active approach is not only confined to being a communication device but it is also used to advertise a company’s products, brand and services. Older forms of advertising such as radio, TV and print are extremely broad and getting your message to a specific customer who is looking for you was very expensive and often you would need to blanket market to a very wide audience which was both costly and time consuming. Through the technology of social media you can pin point and hand deliver your message to a very fine niche market in turn saving you a lot of time and money! Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow the user to “hyper-target” customers – or in other words they allow you to seriously pin point your potential customer audience!

Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement is vital to the success of a social marketing media campaign. Engagement is interactions between customers and companies rather than companies just sitting back watching the comments, they are actively getting back to the people leaving the comments regardless if they are positive or negative. Think of consumers that engaging on your post as part of your marketing team because they are out there talking about you and engaging other people passing your message on to more and more potential marketing team members. Consumers are going to say both positive and negative comments towards a company, product, brand or service so this could also be seen as a golden opportunity to both engage the negative comments in a positive manner and if you are super switched on you could actually take the negative views and turn these into potential positives such as modifying your product, change the way you interact with customers, change the way you market your product or who markets your product. You create a product to sell to customers so what better way to know how your products are performing than to go directly to your customers and ask them what they like or dislike about your product. This is pure marketing gold!

There are 2 types of engagement – Proactive & Reactive


Proactive engagement is where a company is constantly posting new online content such as photo’s, videos, or blogs and they are active in conversations with customers, or sharing content and information from others via web links.


A reactive engagement is when companies respond to customers that reach out to their social media profiles and don’t go out of their way to keep up with new posts to create opportunities to engage customers.

A wise old saying that holds true even today – “You only get out what you put into something” meaning, it is always more beneficial to hold a proactive approach towards business and customer engagement because the more posts you put out there the more customer interest you will generate!

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Regardless of the size of your business there is always going to be the perfect social media campaign that will best suit you and give you the best exposure for your local customer base and cliental. Having said this, in general there are certain social media platforms that suite pretty much any industry so they are a perfect benchmark to begin creating a comprehensive marketing campaign. Some industries such as builders, interior decorators etc. are highly visual and they would thrive greatly in such a social media platform as Instagram or Twitter where sometimes less is actually more, so putting together a sound marketing campaign is vital to engage maximum customers in your niche target customer range as possible. Analytics and business reports are a great indicator to see which marketing campaigns are working and those that are not performing as strong and from this data we can adjust any campaign “on the fly” to gain the best possible result for each individual customer.

Small local businesses can reap the rewards of social media marketing just as much as the larger companies with big budgets to gain personal insights directly from their customers, this information can also be used to modify a small businesses products, brands or services to improve their products and give customers the best possible product and service that you can provide. Social media within small businesses can spread the message like wildfire in regards to special offers or deals that you could run to boost your public following and increase customer engagement. Being proactive as a small business and posting such things as “show us this Tweet to receive a free 600ml coke with every purchase, tell your friends to receive 20% discount next time!” sizzle like wild fire and boost your customer base no end because you are dealing with local bricks and mortar businesses with real products and customers telling their friends, family and everyone in between about this cool little kicker and who doesn’t like getting something for nothing?

Social Media Purpose and Tactics


One of the main uses of social media in marketing is as a communications tool that makes the companies accessible to anyone interested in their product and it makes them visible to those who have no idea they or their product even exist! These companies use social media to create a buzz and learn from their target customers as it is the only form of marketing that can finger potential consumers at each and every stage of the consumer decision journey.

Marketing through social media has other benefits as well, for example ranking your company’s website to receive organic unpaid traffic is heavily influenced by social media. Social media contributes high quality backlinks and websites linked to active social media platforms always outrank those of inactive social media platforms. Social media transports people from a social media platform directly to your website or landing pages, this in turn shows the search engines that you are open for business, active and are providing a quality service and in turn the sling shot and cement you into a high standing within search engine results in turn giving you even more exposure to customers.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms?



Google +







Social Bookmarking Sites



Each social media platform operates differently so knowing how they work is essential to creating a social media campaign to suit your business to return maximum results.

So how can we help you?

When it comes to using social media effectively to improve your company’s reach there is a lot of work involved in order to be successful, this takes time and dedication that a lot of smaller to medium sized businesses perhaps don’t have to engage in such an endeavour. Social media marketing is an essential factor to any business these days so therefore it is worthwhile having a social media manager working for you to create a buzz about your business, gather analytics, reach more consumers and spread the word about your product, brand or service.

We work directly with businesses to establish an effective marketing model, put the model to work, gather analytics received from each social media marketing campaign and use the data to adjust and fine tune each campaign to get you the best results. When creating a social media marketing model we can add as many services as you require ensuring success.

Creating a marketing model, how does it all work?

  1. Selection of the social networks that your business would like to promote
  2. Setting out a financial plan to encompass hiring of social media consultant and desired marketing budget.
  3. Selecting the target market
  4. Selecting the products, services, brand or company message to be promoted
  5. Measuring the results of social media marketing campaigns via analytics and business evaluations to modifying marketing campaigns to achieve the best results.

Social Media Services Offered

Establishment of social media platform company profiles

Content writing

Add creation

Video production

Marketing research


Social media analytics reports

Proactive customer communications

Gathering of customer quote requests and queries and suggestions

Create email marketing campaigns

Create message marketing campaigns

Keyword research

Product placement

You are in safe hands with Noobs Website Development. We can help you with every aspect of online marketing starting from the creation of an engaging website through to creating and managing a social media model that will increase your customer base, engage customers, boost your online following with hyper-targeted add placements and funnel your targeted customers into your website to become active and financial customers.